About The Company
Abbreviation     : BC
Slogan             : The Chamber of Tasteful Riders

Boundary of Business

Benzol Cycle is a full One-Stop-Service for motorcycles. BC provides a full range of products & services.

1. A One-Stop-Service of selling motorcycles, parts, apparel, safety equipment, and accessories for motorcyclists.
2. Full range of after sales services for motorcycles decoration, maintenance and repairs.
3. Operate the business of importing all motorcycle business aspects such as materials, tools, equipment, part, spare parts, accessories and so on.
4. To engage in the business of selling food, beverages and desserts.

History of BC
On whether : What does benzol mean?

"Benzol" is an ancient etymology. It has been used widely between 1840 and 1970. It is rarely used these days. Benzol is a crude form of benzene, containing toluene, xylene, and other hydrocarbons. It is obtained from coal tar or coal gas and used as a fuel for I.C.E. (Internal Combustion Engine). Nowadays, “Benzene” is the term used by English chemists, “ Benzol ” is used in Germany, and “ Benzole” in France.